We all have a budget small, medium or large, there is ONE! That’s why we always like to work with your budget.

Some simple ideas can still look stunning

Save your JARS, all shapes and sizes, adds a real quirky look, add some foliage from the garden and have a couple of tea roses and perhaps some gypsophila added, keeping the cost to a minimum.

LIKE WINE? Wine bottles, especially RED wine bottles can make for a gorgeous simple display.

Add some Stick on diamantes, bows, etc and add a SINGLE ROSE or GERBERA or flower of your choice, you decorate your bottles simply and cheaply.


Off to the Woods? See some old tree stubs, take them home, cut them into slices and use on the centre of the table, maybe use one of your jars with some lace around the middle for the real RUSTIC look.

Inexpensive TIN buckets, can be purchased for around £2-£3 on Amazon, Ebay or even at your florist, add some simple rose plants, a nice display for less than £10, keep some petals and scatter around the bucket.

FOLIAGE, FOLIAGE, FOLIAGE, we can’t get enough this year. Foliage bought from a flower shop can be expensive and the cost to the florist is expensive too. Do you know anyone with a beautiful mature garden who can spare some foliage?

Coupled with succulents, make a stunning and alternative bouquet/arrangement – you can source succulents at reasonable prices and the beauty of these is “no matter the weather, they won’t shrivel or fade in the heat of a hot sunny day”!

The best and lasting buttonieres – Cymbidium Orchids, can live well out of water for a long length of time, so no fear of them letting you down in the sunshine.

Also, a mini anthirium – again, long lasting, last for weeks and weeks in water and out of water, again will not let you down – you can buy different size heads.

No idea on what you want? Just tell us your budget, your style, your preferred colours, likes and dislikes and we will come up with a beautiful array of ideas.

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