Passionate Florist

As a retired florist shop owner of 18 years now working from a studio in the Bexley area, kim-e-fleurs can make you anything you desire, from simple bouquets to stunning table displays/centre pieces and complete wedding design and set up.

About Us

With many years experience of organising parties/weddings/funerals and corporate events, kim-e-fleurs pay the utmost attention to each piece that leaves her premises.

With the experience gained during so many years running a very successful business, kim-e-fleurs can offer advice, guidance and most of all affordable and beautiful floral designs.

Kim also likes the “alternative” “unusual” so always give her a challenge, its what she loves best.

Budgets? Kim is vigilant on budgets and will use her expertise to ensure you get exactly what you want and always within your budget.

She still works with Crimson Rose, florist Plumstead, her former business to ensure that the volume of work can always be honoured.

You can read some previous Google Reviews for Crimson Rose Florist Plumstead and see what people say about her.

What Things our Customer Say?

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